Wooden Sunglasses KAVELI

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It comes from the Finnish word “kävelijä” meaning “walker”, its design is based on this concept of traveler; walking light, protected and at the same time very comfortable.

62 hours of work are needed since wood is delicately cut and treated until it becomes a unique piece.

Our frames are made of plywood to give it strength and flexibility. Are completely finished by hand and treated with a mixture of oils and waxes that provide durability and weather-ability.

FRAME: Premium plywoods, Stainless steel, Denim and stone
HINGES: Stainless steel spring hinges
LENSES: Nylon and UV 400 protection
PAD ARMS: adjustable and antiallergic nose pads
SIZE: (width/height/arm) 140*52*142mm

Cork Hard Case: (Included)