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Concepts evolve through time with Mistura’s wooden wristwatches. The label’s nature-provoked ideology instills a higher echelon of fashionable wrist wears and contemporary watches through its legacy of quality craftsmanship, and commitment to the earth.

Eponymous of its hallmark signature, “to blend”, Mistura amalgamates the landscape of the rainforests uncompromised beauty with intricate design application of living and breathing textures, revealing nature’s innermost secrets into compelling, wearable art.

Action through art is Mistura’s approach to the dedication of creating awareness of our planets widespread environmental negligence through our hand crafted watches. Resuscitating the seeds of life, Mistura is the epitome of understated elegance that moves with the demands of today’s lifestyle, accompanying exotic woods and organic materials that radiate comfort couture and personify “Green” luxury.

Juan David Arbelaez is a pioneer in collaborating and harmonizing the methodology between Mother Nature and the mastery of unique pieces making. Juan brings the Mistura & Fento brands to Canada.
Combining their innovative spirit and environmental consciousness to the clockwork of life, the timepiece of opulent precision was born; Mistura.

Their inventive prophecy was inspired by an unspoken synopsis and collaborative union between ecological preservation and unparalleled style that impacts a breadth of culture.

Fueling their passion of creating hand crafted watches and sunglasses working with natural processes encompassing exotic woods, leathers, and reclaimed materials. The Mistura & Fento legacy continues to redefine the public’s persona of “eco-friendly” sophistication.

The versatility of the brands is prominent in each seasonal change of timeless allure.

Our wooden wristwatches and sunglasses are for the cosmopolite who wants to make a statement with their wardrobe. Each characteristic is quintessential in accentuating its own identity within each of the fluid lines, prevalent in our unique pieces.
Combining wood face palettes and exhilarating earthy browns tones to luscious plum reds. Interchangeable, natural dye leather straps focus on sensual whites, robust blacks, refined gray’s, au courant browns and limited organic colors from classic chic to contemporary styles.


Our primary focus is to preserve and take care of the natural resources that provide the raw materials used in the creation of our pieces. Accordingly, we ensure all established environmental regulations are strictly followed in every location where our trees are found. Furthermore, each and every species of wood used in the production of our exotic pieces is renewable.
Here at Mistura Canada, we truly value our connection to nature, the environment, and the preservation of its natural resources; therefore, we make it a priority to maintain a high standard of sustainability and responsibility when it comes to the production of our wooden accessories and the use of raw materials in the various stages of our pieces. In a time when ecological awareness is of critical importance to societies worldwide, we make it our mission to continuously develop handcrafting processes that minimize negative effects on the environment in order to continue with our top quality, earth-friendly, and treasured unique pieces.

To ensure the highest quality and exceptional finish of our wooden wristwatches, Mistura Designers lovingly hand craft our watches through a slow and meticulous process of up to 85 hours.

The process of our hand crafted watches begins when our experienced craftsmen hand select the finest wood from the forest, wait for the optimum time and finally handle and slice the wood with expert precision and care.

The selected wood is then laid to rest for approximately six months, allowing the drying process to occur 100% naturally. Once ready it is handcrafted to perfection, creating a truly unique piece of art, for examples please view our wooden wristwatches.



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