Is my watch water resistant?
All our timepieces are water resistant, but not waterproof due to the characteristics of natural materials such as wood and leather. Our watches can withstand perspiration and normal splashes of rain and water when washing hands. Swimming with your Mistura watch is not recommended. Contact with water should be minimized as much as possible.

Is the battery of my watch replaceable?
Yes, our watches come with a standard SR626SW battery. Due to limited locations, it is often easier, more practical, and more efficient to take the watch to any jewelry store to replace your battery, we suggest that you take the watch to a local trusted jewelry store and ask for a battery replacement.

Will my watch be the same as shown on the Website?
Our commitment is to make each timepiece a work of art and as unique as a fingerprint. A Mistura watch will never be exactly the same as another since 90% of the watch is made with natural or unconventional materials (fine woods, stone, or fabric) and can react differently to temperature, humidity and sunlight resulting in variation in color and shape. The appearance of our watches can also change over time. Some of our selections of wood and leather tend to darken over time. Since these reactions are unpredictable, we recommend taking good care of them to ensure maximum lifespan under natural circumstances.

Can I replace my watch Strap or Buckle?
The strap assembly of our watches is designed so that you can make the change yourself following a simple procedure. Straps can be sent directly to your shipping address (shipping costs apply). If you are interested in exchanging a strap, please contact our customer service at customerservice@mistura.com, and they can help you place your order and provide details on the exchange process. If you have questions about the warranty for the strap, please see our policy. If the replacement is not covered under the warranty, an additional nominal cost will apply. If you have any questions or concerns related to this topic, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.
In what cases are the straps covered by the Warranty?
The warranty only applies when the straps become unstitched. Normal wear (i.e., color, texture) is not covered under warranty as it is dependent on its treatment and care. You always have the option of ordering an extra one through customer service.

What materials do you use for your products?
We are committed to protecting the environment, which is why we use sustainably sourced materials that generate a positive impact on Earth. We use sustainably sourced fine woods, mostly from South America. The most frequently used woods are Pui, Ebony and Teak. Each of these fine woods requires a particular and specific technique for preservation and cutting. Our woods are aged for a period of six months to improve resilience and beauty. The straps are made of genuine leather, wood or stainless steel. Depending on the collection, we use other unconventional materials such as recycled denim, fabrics, and Corian.

How much time does it take to create our products?
90% of the process involved is accomplished by hand, so creating each piece is a slow and meticulous one. The lengthy process includes long periods of ageing the woods, acquisition of materials, absorption of oils, plus many hours of manual labor to mold, polish and assemble each piece, amounting to a ritual of about 85 hours to make you fall in love in only a second.

How discount codes work?
Discount codes are special offers that do not apply for sale items.

Are there any physical frames change?
Because our materials are 100% natural, mainly wood, it may eventually present a variation in appearance, either in form or color due to temperature changes. You need to give the best care to its frames and keep it in the best possible condition. However, if your frame has a very strong change in materials affecting its functionality or design, will replace your product, as long as this situation is referred to in our return policy.

Can I replace part of my FENTO frame?
Yes. For this service, the frame must be sent to Fento Repair Center for replacement. We suggest you read our warranty policy for coverage, since if this service is not part of the guarantee, a moderate sum for replacing the item may be charged.

What are the Use & Care for our products?
* Our products are made from plywood for normal use but can not support loads that are not designed for.
* Our wood products are treated with a mixture of oils and organic waxes that protect the wood; if your frame begins to feel a little dry is recommended to apply failing beeswax and cocoa butter.
* Do not immerse in water. * Save your products in its provided suitcase and in a safe place.
* Always clean the glasses with microfiber bag that comes with it to avoid scraping.
* Sunglasses are not suitable for direct viewing in the sun and exposure to artificial UV radiation or when driving in dark conditions.

About our sunglasses.
Sunglasses have UV 400 protection and 100% guaranteed glasses and comes with latest technology, all quality standards and traceability offered by one of the largest optical in Latin America.
The ophthalmic lens are neutral (no formula), which allows the customer go to their optical center for manufactured their formulated lens (see indications in customer service).

About mounting and dismounting of lenses*
The preparation of the ophthalmic lens mount must adhere to the exact design of the neutral lens. The lens assembly and disassembly must be done with great care not to cut or break the frame, in case you find some resistance to hold the lens is recommended to lower a bit dimension to the lens and beveled according to the size of the slot.
* Applies only for ophthalmic frames


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